40% of today's employees plan to quit in the next 6 months...

Discover the Proven Approach to Company Culture that
Improves Retention, Engagement, Productivity and Profits 


Download this COMPLIMENTARY EXCERPT from the Amazon Bestseller GOOD COMES FIRST, and learn...

Why tennis champion and entrepreneur Venus Williams brought the authors in to help her create uncompromising company cultures in her two companies (Venus' foreword to GOOD COMES FIRST is included!)

The proven and actionable strategies that sustain a purposeful, positive, productive work culture

Why making RESPECT as important as RESULTS is your most critical responsibility as a business leader

Why creating a work culture where good comes first for employees boosts loyalty, problem solving, service, and results

Venus Williams

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Venus Williams

Tennis Champion and CEO says:

“I challenge you to take on the role of change champion as you begin redefining your company culture and make the demonstration of respect as important as achieving results.

Mark Babbitt and Chris Edmonds showed me how. They'll do the same for you.”

The Challenges You Face

48 million US workers voluntarily quit their jobs in 2021.

40% of today's employees will quit in the next 6 months.

Are you ready for that?

Even before the pandemic hit us hard, many leaders like you have been puzzled by the failure to retain top talent. Additionally, we leaders struggled to improve low employee engagement numbers, less-than-ideal customer service ratings, and many other traditional metrics. Throw in “The Great Resignation” – over 48 million US workers voluntarily quit their jobs in 2021 – and many business leaders end up feeling frustrated.

So frustrated, you may be thinking:

“It’s a sign of the times.
There's nothing I can do about it.
People don't want to work."

Wrong. People do want to work.

They just want to work for good companies and inspiring leaders.

Toxic work cultures are the top factor driving employees to quit today.

You read that right. The research that led to Good Comes First shows that workplace respect is most important to today’s employees.

In today's workplace, employees are fueled by a reprioritization of sorts. After working from home and finally having a say in where, when, and how their work got done, people – good people ready to do good work – want something different. Specifically, they want to work for managers and colleagues and employers who treat them with the respect they’ve earned. 

Are you still not sure leaders should focus on respect just as much as they do results?

Consider the findings from two comprehensive studies by none other than MIT:

And yet too many employers still don’t prioritize workplace respect. Many, in fact, still seem to believe employees are replaceable. And too many old-school leaders still seem to think their employees have no choice but to tolerate toxic work conditions.

Wrong again.

Don't let a toxic work culture drive your
employees out the door.

Let's work together to create an uncompromising company culture in your organization — one that equally values respect and results. Schedule a free coaching call with us today!

Meet Chris and Mark

Chris Edmonds and Mark Babbitt help leaders create purposeful, positive, productive work cultures. Their latest book, Amazon best-seller Good Comes First (2021), teaches today's leaders how to create an uncompromising company culture that doesn't suck.

Chris is a sought-after speaker, bestselling author, and highly-regarded executive consultant. Besides Good Comes First, Chris has written two other Amazon bestsellers: The Culture Engine (Wiley, 2014) and Leading at a Higher Level (2008).

Mark is an in-demand speaker, coach, and consultant who helps leaders understand their impact on company culture. In addition to Good Comes First (2021), Mark is the co-author of A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive (Harper Collins, 2014).

Together, Chris and Mark have worked with companies from Silicon Valley start-ups to Fortune 100 companies and local faith-based businesses to national non-profits.


The Proven Benefits of an Uncompromising Work Culture

Of course, retention and attraction of key employees isn't your only goal during this post-pandemic recovery period. You have other stuff to worry about too! And with everything you have going on, you may be thinking:

"I don't have time to reinvent my company culture...
I'm fighting just to keep the lights on."

So let us remind you that "Respect Drives Results." And by creating a culture where respect is valued as equally as results, our clients see improvements in traditional business metrics like these:

Employee Engagement


& Profits

Our Proven Process


Intentionally formalize your desired culture

Evaluate your current culture, then DEFINE your company’s uncompromising culture by specifying servant purpose, values and behaviors, strategies and goals.


Align all plans, decisions, and actions

Deliberately ALIGN your company’s work habits to the defined culture by modeling, coaching, measuring, and celebrating aligned players and practices.


Mentor & coach misaligned players

Consistently REFINE your work culture by coaching and mentoring players and making real-time adjustments to practices that don’t align with your desired culture.

Respect Drives Results.

We don't have a “labor shortage.” Instead, the workplace is suffering from a systemic RESPECT shortage.

Empowered by the reprioritization sparked by the pandemic’s work from home period, people are tired of working uninspiring jobs for lousy bosses with toxic colleagues within company cultures that SUCK.

So today, the only proven way to scale your business is to build a purposeful, positive, productive work culture that employees LOVE.

Over the past twenty-five years, S. Chris Edmonds and Mark S. Babbitt have helped hundreds of companies and thousands of business leaders build uncompromising work cultures.

Now, Chris and Mark are ready to help you build a work culture where good people consistently do good work — and where every team member can expect respect while they help drive results.

Are you tired of losing good people? Unsure how to execute your return to work strategy? Ready to learn what your company culture is really like — right now?

Apply the breakthrough approach embraced by business leaders like Kris Malkowski of Newell Brands, Joel Anderson of Five Below, and entrepreneur and tennis champion Venus Williams.

Kris Malkoski

CEO, Home Solutions, Newell Brands
Joel Anderson

Joel Anderson

President/CEO, Five Below
Vee 3

Venus Williams

CEO, VStarr Interiors and EleVen by Venus

How We Help You


Expert guidance on modeling respect

Mark and Chris work closely with senior leaders to help them define their company's desired uncompromising culture, then to align and refine that culture so respect is as important as results.


Define/refine culture leadership skills

Very few formal leaders have been asked to demonstrate strong culture leadership skills. Very few have those skills. Mark and Chris coach formal leaders to demonstrate those skills.


Make values practical & measurable

Just as performance is monitored regularly, values alignment must be monitored daily. Formal values surveys help leaders understand employees' perceptions of their values alignment.

Employees of all generations desire and deserve work cultures where they are respected and validated for their ideas, efforts, and contributions—every day.

Let Chris and Mark teach you to how to build and sustain an uncompromising culture! 


What Other Leaders Say

Tamara McCleary


“Your work culture either builds respect or erodes it. Good doesn't come first unless you model it, measure it, and coach it.

Chris helped the Thulium team formalize our servant purpose, values, and measurable behaviors—and we're holding each other accountable for them daily.”


Tamara McCleary

CEO, Thulium

Services Utilized:

Consulting, Executive Coaching, Assessments

Carl Warschausky


“We brought Chris in to help us align our work culture across multi-national divisions and operations.

The project was amazing and the outcome was superb.”



Carl Warschausky

Former CEO of World Kitchen LLC

Services Utilized:

Consulting, Executive Coaching, Assessments

Dave Mollitor


“I’m amazed at how well this process has worked for us. We’re a construction company. It’s not an industry where people pay attention to feelings! However, people are all the same—when treated with respect, they’ll give their all to help customers and that, in turn, helps the business.”


David Mollitor, Jr.

President, CEC

Services Utilized:

Consulting, Executive Coaching, Assessments, Accountability Coaching

Ready to Build Your
Uncompromising Culture?

Business leaders—from start-up founders to Fortune 100 CXOs and small business owners to executive directors of non-profits—partner with Chris and Mark to build and sustain purposeful, positive, productive work cultures.

Good Comes First is the new Amazon best-selling book by
S. Chris Edmonds and Mark S. Babbitt.

Good Comes First explains exactly how today's leaders create an uncompromising company culture that doesn't suck!